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What is Play True Day?

Play True Day is a day dedicated to the clean sport. The purpose of “Play True Day” is to acquaint athletes as well as entire sport public with global fight against doping. 

Doping is one of the biggest issues that sport is facing in the last decade. With Play True Day we would like to remind people about the moral inappropriateness of using doping and warn them about the dangers of doping.

Play true Day was originally initiated by 17 South American countries, which, in cooperation with WADA and based on Montevideo Declaration, declared 10th of April as “Play True Day”. All countries in Caribbean RADO (15 all together) formally adopted the idea in 2015. In the scope of Erasmus+ project, five European countries (Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Croatia and Malta) decided to enforce the Play True Day in Europe in the year 2016 as well. 

Organize the Event

Is your organisation interested in organizing an event in the scope of the Play True Day?  

All anti-doping organisations, national and international sport federations and educational institutions are welcome to organize an event dedicated to clean sport or include clean sport content in their existing event in the week before and/or after the Play True Day.

Prevention activities shall be implemented as part of different sport competitions or other events for youth and in close cooperation with community and sport organizations on local and regional level.

All events will be promoted and shown at Play True Day website.

Please contact to agree about the details of the event.

Events in 2016

Play True Day in Estonia

- Outreach program at the Tallinn TV-Tower Run on 3rd of April 2016;
- Between April 4th and April 10th Anti-doping educational leaflets will be distributed in the Sports Club My Fitness;
- On April 5th 2016 there will be lessons on clean sport at Miina Härma Gymnasium in Tartu;
- On April 6th 2016 there will be lessons on clean sport at Jõgeva Secondary School and High School
- On April 7th 2016 there will be a lecture for the physical education teachers in Tallinn;
- Outreach program for the gym visitors at the Sports Club Golden Club in Tallinn will be carried out on April 8th 2016;
- Between April 8th and April 10th there will be an outreach program at Latvia Estonia United Women’s Basketball League. More about this at
- On April 10th 2016 outreach program at the international swimming competition Tartu kevad in Tartu will be carried out;
- On April 10th 2016 there will be an outreach program at the Estonian volleyball finals in Tallinn and in Pärnu; 
- Outreach program at the Action Sports Centre Spot of Tallinn will tahe place on 10th of April 2016;
- On April 14th 2016 there will be an outreach program at the Estonian Basketball League first play-off-game;
- On April 16th there will be an outreach program at the Badminton Tournament GP-5

Play True Day in Latvia

- Outreach program at sports and relaxation exibition will take place between 2nd and 3rd of April, 2016 in cooperation with Latvijas pauerliftinga federācija;
- In cooperation with Skrien Latvija, Bigbank, participation as a team in half marathon in Rezekne and outreach program between 8th and 9th of April, 2016;
- State Sports Medicine Centre of Latvia is organizing "Run for clean sport" on 10th of April, 2016. More about the event is available on the Facebook page of the event;  
- Outreach program will take place on 10th of April 2016 at Latvian Olympic Sport Centre;
- On April 10th, 2016 at basketbols LU – Ventspils game, outreach with a small competition during the game break will take place in cooperation with Latvijas basketbola savienība (Latvian Basketball association).

Play True Day in Slovenia

- With the support from Ministry for Education, Science and Sport and Municipality of Ljubljana Conference for Athlete Support Personnel will take place in Ljubljana on April 5, 2016;
- In cooperation with National Football Federation there will be promotional activities at matches in 1st Slovenian league, juniors leagues and among U-21 men's national team and woman's national team;
- In cooperation with organizing committee outreach program will take place between 9th and 10th of April at Istrski Marathon in Portorož, Slovenia;
- On April 11th there will be an outreach program at the X9 Jumpng Fitness Center in Celje,
- With the support from Intersport Slovenia there will be 6 outreach programs between 2nd and 17th of April in shop malls in all major cities in Slovenia;
- In the scope of "Razgibajmo Ljubljano" programme SLOADO will carry out outreach program at the event named Spring Day of Sport, targeting kids & families. The program will take place at Congress Square in Ljubljana on 16th of April 2016;
- In cooperation with Šport Ljubljana there will be Play True Day posters at all city Sport Facilities in Ljubljana;
- SLOADO invited all their National Sport Federations to join them in celebrating Play True Day. Couple of them were interested and they will include posters and flyers at their upcoming events in April. They will also promote Play True Day over their social media;
- Discussions about fight against doping at Slovenian high schools with sport departments;
- Conference for lawyers will take place on 13th of April 2016 in Ljubljana in cooperation with University of Ljubljana, Faculty for Law;
- Medical students club - Cogito is organizing round table for student and professors at Medical Faculty in Maribor on 13th of April 2016. More about the round table is available at the event Facebook page;
- Promotional activities at National championship in shooting will take place on 9th and 10th of April 2016 in Turnišče.


Play True Day in Malta

- Two sessions with the children 8-14 yrs and youths 15-19yrs of the Sliema Wanderers Football Club Nursery on 4th of April 2016;
- One session with the National Waterpolo U18 Team (males) 13-17 yrs on 9th of April 2016;
- One session with youth section (9-13 yrs) of Mosta Cycling Club on 16th of April 2016;
- Two sessions with youths and kids of the Malta Golf Association on 16th of April 2016.

Play True Day in Croatia

- On 4th of April 2016 live session on Radio Student;
- Outreach program at Footsal tournament in Primary school Kralja Tomislava on 9th of April 2016;
- Outreach program at Sakura Cup Judo, Sveta Nedjelja on 9th of April 2016;
- Interactive education forschool children 1st to 4th class in Primary school August Šeno on 12 of April 2016;
- Outreach program at Sport dance – Theater Trešnjevka on 10th and 17th of April 2016;
- 'Sport for all', World Health Day“ Jarun, Zagreb on 16th of April 2016;
- Cross 'Sportske novosti' - Sport news', Bundek, Zagreb on 17th of April 2016;
- Interview session for VEČERNJI list (daily newspaper);
- Session at Radio Sljeme;
- Session at TV Student;
- Session at Dobro jutro Hrvatska;
- Interview session in 'Sportske novosti' – 'Sport news newspaper';
- Lecture in Secondary School Vladimir Prelog, Zagreb.

Play True Day in Romania

„Play True Day” will be celebrated as part of major national competitions, such as:
•    the finals of the National Junior Wrestling Championships in Targu-Mures;
•    the finals of the Romanian Volleyball Cup in Piatra Neamt;
•    the "Final Four" of the Romanian Basketball Cup in Oradea;
•    the Steaua - Dinamo football derby within the play-off of the Romanian First Football League, in Bucharest.
In each event, the athletes enter the arenas wearing specially designed t-shirts, celebrating „Play True Day”. When entering the pitch, the football, basketball and volleyball players will also hold a banner with the romanian translation of „Play True Day”. Players will also send a few dozen „Play True Day” branded balls to the audience. In each venue, a short clip propmoting the National Anti-Doping Agency's activity and „Play True Day” will be played using the venue's audio-video system. The moment will be pointed out by the venue's speaker that will hold a very short speech about the meaning of „Play True Day”.

Play True Day in the Carabbean

- outreach program at Caribbean Netball Association's Jean Pierre Youth Tournament

Play True Day in Paraguay

- click here for more information about the Play True Day in Paraguay

Events Organizers in 2016

Invite the Ambassadors

Anti-doping ambassadors from Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Croatia and Malta are part of doping prevention programs in their countries all year long. They went through several educational seminars and they have extensive knowledge about the fight against doping and consequences of doping.

With their work they are creating a network of young athletes who fight for moral and ethical values of honest and fair participation in sports with the purpose of prevention a pro-doping culture.  

If you would like to invite ambassadors to your event contact their coordinators:
in Slovenia dr. Nina Makuc at
in Estonia Elina Kivinukk at
in Latvia Gatis Berkis at
in Croatia Roman Latinović at
in Malta dr. Lucienne Attard at

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